Low-tech Sound Sculpture


‘Intonarumori with low-tech spring reverb’ – 2018 (Musical instrument)

An interpretation of Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori instruments built using reclaimed materials and featuring the addition of a rudimentary spring reverb attachment.



‘Velophase v.2’ – 2016 (Bicycle mounted musical sculpture)

Simple mechanical movements incorporating bicycle wheels and glockenspiel keys create phased melodies based on the third section of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase composition.


‘Pedal Powered Audio Contraption v.1’ – 2015 (Human-powered music machine)

Prototype pedal-driven busking machine which featured a mechanical drum machine, air pumps leading to a tin whistle, a glockenspiel and other sound-producing elements.


‘Rough Cut Timbres’- 2012 (Interactive musical installation -Create Centre, Bristol.)

This interactive installation contained a series of simple mechanical devices which when operated, produced a variety of sounds. These sculptures combined wood-working tools, equipment and materials with reclaimed timber, found natural objects and musical instruments.