The tracks featured on this page are audio sketches as opposed to finished pieces. They were recorded or sequenced using low-cost equipment and have been shared to give a flavour of the sort of Sound Art I’m interested in making.

Velophase M32(mono)
A bicycle propelled, mechanically phasing sound sculpture recorded whilst cycling next to our local motorway.

Warblephase (Archive audio from 2007)
Warblephase is a composition that uses a single, repeated, one and a half second clip of birdsong (first played forward, then backwards) that moves out of, and back into phase with itself. The structure of this piece draws inspiration from Steve Reich’s phase shifting works.

Birdbath (Archive audio from 2007)
Birdbath was created using snippets of recorded birdsong. Other than the removal of background noise on a couple of the bird samples, and some use of panning, the bird’s calls are unadulterated and have no effects added to them.