My artwork

My work combines elements of sound art, visual art and performance and is characterised by the building and playing of sound-producing mechanical sculptures. A deep-felt concern over environmental degradation feeds into my practice prompting me to explore approaches to both sculpture and sound generation which are low on energy consumption, favour simplicity over complexity and make use of discarded, everyday, found and foraged objects. Human-powered mechanical movements and self-built musical instruments are employed to create an audio palette inspired by electronic sounds. Traditional acoustic instruments (or their parts) are also often incorporated. Available materials and function dictate the form of my pieces and they evolve as I design, build and modify.


I studied graphic design in the mid-nineties and have since engaged in a wide variety of creative activities. These have included graphic design, illustration, animation, sculpture, installation, wood carving, painting murals, curating exhibitions, software and sample based music production and building automata. Each of these disciplines and techniques have contributed towards my current artistic practice.
I still occasionally produce graphic design, illustration and mural work and have a separate website dedicated to my output in these areas (tfdesignandillustration.wordpress.com).
Outside of my art practice I’ve worked for many years with people with learning disabilities and use a person-centred approach. I have four years of experience working as a further education lecturer and have taught Art, Craft, Gardening, Basic Carpentry Skills and Money Skills to young people and adults with learning disabilities. Prior to, and overlapping my teaching role I have a further twelve years of experience employed as a Personal Support Worker/Learning Assistant within a further education setting. I currently work for a national charity and support older people with learning disabilities as they engage in craft and gardening activities.

Selected projects, events and exhibitions

‘Two interpretations of Steve Reich compositions’ -Musical installations. June 2017. Easton Arts Trail, Bristol.

‘ASARO exhibition’ -Group exhibition. October 2016. The Bearpit Outdoor Gallery, Bristol.

‘Pedal Powered Techno Emulator (v.1)’ -Musical installation. June 2015. Easton Arts Trail, Bristol.

‘Stinger’ (Stinging Nettle installation) -Bloom Festival. May 2013. St. Georges Park, Bristol.

‘Rough Cut Timbres’ -Interactive musical installation. July 2012. Create Centre, Bristol.

‘Illuminate Festival’. Puppetry and Installation October 2010/11. St. Georges Park, Bristol.

‘Dueling Duchamps’ -Interactive musical installation.  -Bristol Cycling Festival. September 2010. Queen’s Square and Colston Hall, Bristol.

‘British Wrestlers’ -Illustrations on glass windows. -In collaboration with Rhiannon Chaloner as part of her ‘British Wrestling Legends’ exhibition. January 2010. Colston Hall, Bristol.

‘C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture’ -In collaboration with Trapeze Popular Education Collective as part of Platform’s exhibition and season of events October/November 2009. Arnolfini, Bristol.

‘Hemisphere’ -Installation – In collaboration with Baljinder Bhopal. June 2009. Eastside Roots/Easton Arts Trail, Bristol.

‘The Wilderness Art Trail’ -Installations. – August 2008/09. Shambala Festival, Northampton.

‘Borders and Boundaries’ -Group exhibition January 2008. Awning Project, Bristol.

‘Mortal’ -Group exhibition October/November 2007. The Old Pro Cathedral, Bristol.

‘International Doodlebug Day’ -Group live illustration events September 2002/04/05. The Cornerhouse gallery, Manchester.

‘Leeds Short Film Festival’ -Short film festival May 2000. Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds.

‘Kinofilm’ -Short film festival October 1999 and 2000. Manchester.

Solo exhibitions and group shows I have curated*

‘British Summertime Ends’ -Solo show October 2011. Park Street, Bristol.

* ‘Made by Hand’ -InBristol Studios group exhibition. February 2011. Park Street, Bristol.

‘Stick Figures’ -Solo show April 2010. Stokes Croft, Bristol.

* ‘The Stokes Croft Herbarium’ -Group exhibition April 2009. Stokes Croft, Bristol.

‘Compost’ -Solo exhibition March 2008. Room212, Bristol.

‘One Too Many’ -Paintings of people in pubs -Solo exhibition 2002. The Chelsea Inn, Bristol.