A Little Noise Outside of the System

photo: Ben Pryor Photography

‘A Little Noise Outside of the System’ was an immersive Sound Art sculpture/performance which combined everyday objects and musical instruments to create a fully acoustic, ‘surround sound’ experience for one blindfolded listener at a time.

Acoustic instruments used: Modified wok lid, Foot-pump drone, Hand-propelled reverse gramophone, Squealer tube, Melodica, Computer mice, Low-tech kick simulator, Modified metronome with spring reverb and drainpipe, Elastic mounted bottle-tops, Bubble bottle and tubing, Bubble trough.

The purpose of the blindfold (and ear defenders which were placed over the listeners ears for a couple of minutes prior to the performance and removed when it started) was to encourage attentive listening (especially to quieter noises) and cultivate a sense of mystery around the sound generating process.

The audio clips below were recorded by placing a microphone at the participant/listener’s ear height. These clips give a rough idea of how the installation sounded but are unable to convey the actual 360-degree listening experience. The sounds are exactly as they were when acoustically generated and (aside from fade in/out and normalization) there are no additional effects.