Intonarumori with low-tech spring reverb


This interpretation of Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori instruments was built using reclaimed materials and features the addition of a rudimentary spring reverb attachment.

The instrument’s internal workings can be seen through a perspex window and can be easily accessed. It can be used to demonstrate how tension alters the pitch of a string and also allows for the exploration of sound as vibration (by putting a hand on the vibrating drumskin as it is being played).


The front of the instrument also detaches and can be plucked to create a sound reminiscent of an electronic kick drum. (As demonstrated by my three year old son):

I’m aiming now to make a more compact version which can be pedal-powered and played alongside other noise-making instruments.

(Thanks to both Jonnda for his ‘Quick ‘n Easy Intonarumori‘ Youtube video and Martyn Simpson for his ‘How to make an intonarumori‘ blog.)