Creaking Pendulums

I recently led an  instrument building workshop which explored Luigi Russolo’s noise-making ‘Intonarumori’ instruments alongside Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music composition.


Participants used tin chocolate boxes and everyday materials to build their own small, simplified version of Russolo’s Intonarumori. These self-built instruments were then played during a variation of Pendulum Music which involved lying on the floor and responding with bursts of noise to swinging bicycle lights. Each performer would allow their instrument to sound only when a light entered their field of vision resulting in a progression from short bursts to longer drones as the pendulums slowed. Performers also made and wore vision-restricting cardboard goggles (which allowed the swinging light to be seen only when directly overhead).


This edit is from about halfway through the performance:

Thanks to Laura Williams and the five workshop participants/performers:

Toasterinthebath, Zoe Cameron, Diego Favrin, Verity James, Ramon Sanchez.