Hand-cranked Sound Generator model.1

Hand-cranked Sound Generator model.1 is a kinetic sculpture designed to produce a range of sounds by spinning spheres inside a shallow metal bowl. Additional clanks, squeaks and scraping noises provide a rhythmical accompaniment. The contraption’s audio qualities, movements and appearance are intended to suggest the industrial process of refining raw materials. By adding different ‘mixes’ of objects to the sculpture, varied combinations of sounds are produced during its operation.

Health Ball mix

Castanets and a Chinese ‘Health Ball’ are the additional objects appearing on this version of the sculpture.


Risk Of Spillage mix

The objects added to this version include a paint tin lid and a secondary bowl containing two ball-bearings, a baking bead, a bouncy-ball and a wooden ball. There’s an enjoyable element of chaos and unpredictability to this set-up as the bowl within a bowl spins wildly resulting in a high risk of its contents being spilt.